… It is more blessed to give than to receive

(Acts 20:35)

Our missions is to help our community become self-reliant. We address our family’s food insecurity, teach our children life skills, and help our seniors become contributing members of society.

Our Approach

Feeding our Families

We operate, in the City of Long Beach, a Food Pantry that feeds 250 families every week. In addition, our Mobile Food Pantry delivers food to families lacking means of transportation and/or the ability to carry the food they receive back to their homes.

Teaching our Children Life Skills

We teach our children life skills. Young people are faced with challenges and life skills are the competencies they need to succeed in life.

Mentoring-Connecting The Old to The Young

Our seniors achieve a sense of purpose by mentoring the youth. By connecting the old to the young the benefits goes both ways.

Achieving Self Reliance

By putting it all together our community achieves self-reliance.